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Pakistani vacation list after COVID-19

The world is shrouded in uncertainty right now. The time has come to a stop for quite a few people due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Amongst some of the ones most affected are travel or adventure junkies as well. Being confined to their enclosed houses for such an extended period of time is hard. And, we understand it.

This is why we have compiled a list of places for you that you wouldn’t want to miss, in Pakistan. This short list, in no way, encompasses all the beauty of Pakistan or everything the Land of Pure has to offer but these are all tried and tested locations that we, at Travel Crafters, have been to and enjoyed. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Gilgit Hunza

This one location tops the list and not just because it is majestically beautiful but also because it is the complete package. Gilgit Hunza is full of ancient history, a rich culture, exquisite terrain and amazing scenery. The people are hospitable and the food delicious. And, as for adventurists, there are a number of amazing activities like hiking, climbing mountains, camping and so much more. No matter what you want, Hunza Valley will answer your demands after COVID-19.

Skardu Deosai

If you love km’s upon km’s of open space, you need to make a drive to Skardu. Gorgeous wildflowers, wildlife that ranged from marmot, yak and goats to brown bears and morning chai with coconut biscuits. Skardu is any travelers dream come true. Crossing into Deosai, you come across the ‘blind lake’ or SheoSar which is grand in itself. The area has been declared a national park and tented hotels serve as the exotic staying point. This location may be your best experience yet if you love all the above-mentioned things. We know we do!

Neelam Valley, Kashmir

One of the most beautiful places in Kashmir, Neelam Valley holds a special place in our heart. The fascinating scenery, lush green forest and high-altitude lakes make Neelam Valley one of the most heavenly places to exist in Pakistan. You would never even feel that you are not in Switzerland and we guarantee that. Mountain tourism is very common for adrenaline junkies around the high snow-capped mountains of Kashmir. Your trip to Neelam Valley after COVID-19 would also introduce you a different culture and people that are just as hospitable as the land seems to be.

Naran Kaghan

These two beautiful towns are surrounded by both high mountains and the lush alpine forest. The scenic views of Naran are dreams come true for photographers, tourist and trekkers all. Though, if not for the Saif-ul-Malook Jheel, we have no idea what we know Naran for. If you trek to the lake, the beauty of the lake and all the views around will take your breath away. Which is also why this is one of the tourist’s famous and most favorite location in Pakistan’s north.

Mahodand Swat

A fan of skiing? Or just want to try it at least once? A trip to Mahodand Swat is what you need. Lush green hills surround you completely throughout the region with local bazars that are full of souvenirs and pleasant, friendly people. Mahodand Lake is a lake located in the upper Usho Valley at a distance of about 40 km from Kalam, Swat. Mahodand Swat is a famous and very necessary part of the trip. The lake is accessible by jeeps only and you can go fishing and boating there. On the way, you can enjoy beautiful waterfalls and glaciers and wonderful landscapes. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a complete package.

All these are locations that we honestly believe that you have to see in Pakistan. Travel Crafters have some amazing and affordable tour packages for Pakistan’s Northern Areas including all these locations that you really should check out before you plan your trip when all this is over!

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