Everything You Need to Know About your Hunza Trip

If you are planning or thinking about planning a trip to Hunza valley, make haste! Spring is almost upon us and the valley is a stunning maelstrom of colors and beauty in the season. Both Spring and Autumn are beautiful in Hunza but the Cherry Blossom Season that starts from about 30th March and goes on till 15th April has been declared especially breathtaking by whoever has visited the valley during the season.

  • Beautiful Spring Season

After the destructive winters of the northern Pakistan, the valley is ready to welcome spring with enormous colours. Tourists from all around Pakistan and abroad enjoy the scenic beauty that overcomes the snowy landscape as the cherry blossom season begins in full swing.

Hunza and Karimabad both present panoramically beautiful views in Spring and the valley echoes with the spirit of rebirth.

  • Lovely Cherry Blossom Season

Hunza has been called ‘Heaven on Earth’ many times and it holds especially true at the time of the cherry blossom season. The picturesque views combined with the rough terrain are a treat from both the adventure-lovers and the scenery-lovers.

You might be familiar with the famous cherry blossom season of Japan but there’s no way you wouldn’t fall in love with Hunza after you got to see it in its full glory during the cherry blossom season.

A fully Blossomed Cherry tree with a view of Baltit Fort & Ultar leak in background
  • Instagram-worthy Pictures

From Instagram-worthy pictures to pink landscapes, there’s nothing that you wouldn’t find in Hunza at this time of the year but the cherry blossom season lasts barely two weeks so it is imperative that you rush and not miss it by delaying your booking.

If there’s any further motivation that you need, all you should do is google how Hunza looks in the cherry blossom season and we assure you that you wouldn’t need any more motivation after that!

Travel Crafters is here to help you to witness the heaven on earth, book your hunza trip today with travel crafters and explore hunza valley.

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