Travel Crafters, Pakistan’s largest travel platform, helps hundreds of travelers each month make every trip the very best trip of their life. Travelers from all across Pakistan use the services of Travel Crafters to visit their dream accommodations and restaurants while also experiencing the stellar beauty that Pakistan has to offer in terms of nature. Travel crafters offers amazing prices on popular tours and attractions as well as offer the ability to book a custom tour, the right way.

What do we Offer?

Travel Crafters specializes in group tours, activities and adventure tours to some of the most exciting places in Northern Pakistan. Whether it is a trip to Hunza Valley, ArengKel, Swat or Malam Jabba, customers have had luxurious experiences of traveling with us.

Our one-day trips to Mushkpuri Top, Miranjani, Khanpur dam (cliff diving), Khewra salt mine, Banjosa lake, Tolipeer, PirChanasi, Panjpeer rocks and Pipeline track are famous for their uninterrupted fun as well as comfort.

Our motive is to make every moment an experience because we believe that experiences shape lives. Take a step into the picturesque world of the northern areas or dip into your adventurous side through our group tour activities in order to make your travel fun and memorable through activities like Cultural Tours, Hiking, Rafting, Rappelling, Sightseeing, Skiing, Water Sports and various group games, it’s your choice. All we know is, traveling leaves you speechless, only to turn you into a storyteller. Let us be your guides to help you through your stories of adventure.