Tour to Hunza – Everything you can do!

Tour to Hunza – All Activities!

There’s a definite reason why Hunza Valley is called ‘Heaven on Earth’ by anyone who’s ever visited the place. The place has always and continues to be a very famous tourist destination. Being one of the most beautiful & idyllic places in Pakistan, Hunza Valley now boasts of tolerance, security and high educational standards. If you are planning a tour to Hunza, especially in spring or summer, Hunza should be very high on your list of destinations.

Here are some of the things that you can enjoy there:


Trekking or hiking is one of the most interesting and fun activities especially if you are at going for a tour to Hunza. It is especially recommended for people who intend to or are used to short walks or take interest in long treks. The walks are rewarded with beautiful sceneries, photography points, summer pastures and if you want, trekking over glaciers too. Amazing, right?!


There are a number of points where base camps can be set and they are all usually good options but if you are there to enjoy nature to its fullest, setting your camp at ShimshalManglik can be a very good idea. Surrounded by glaciers, tall mountains and passes, the venue is the one of the best there is in Hunza.

Historical Site Visits

When in Hunza valley, the hunza adventure tour is incomplete without visiting the Baltit&Altit Fort. More than 900 & 800 years old respectively, the forts are a sight to behold and major attractions for all tourists who want to learn more about the culture, traditions and Hunza people.

Delicious Food

Nothing says culture like food and the food at Hunza Valley is one you will never be able to forget. The smokiness of the apricot oil combined with the fresh taste of apples and inexpensive dry fruit will all stay with you for life. Eating amongst the beautiful scenic mountains and with the courteous Hunza people, everything tastes a hundred times better.

Attabad Lake

If all the above hasn’t convinced you yet, the chance of a boat ride over Attabad Lake is the perfect possibility. Your tour to Hunza isn’t complete without a visit to Attabad Lake. The majestic beauty of the lake, the colorful boats of the Hunza people and the surrounding mountains make up for one of the best experiences of your life.

Hunza Valley is a maelstrom of colours & fun and if you are interested, we really hope that you would take a chance and visit it in person. We promise you won’t regret it!

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