5 Things to do in Hunza

Hunza Valley – Everything you can do!

Hunza or ‘Heaven on Earth’ is a place where any amount of time you spend would seem shorter than it should have been and we agree with that. The Hunza valley is a combination of beauty and the best of nature’s offering while simultaneously being the hub of a number of fun activities as well. A day spent in Hunza is a day well spent anyways but we have still compiled a list of activities that can help make sure that you get the full experience.

Rakaposhi View

Karimabad offers you a view of some of the tallest peaks of the world, including Rakaposhi. The white view of the mountain peak is stunning at any time of the day but especially gorgeous at the time of the sunrise.

Local Breakfast-Gyal

Apricot oil is a local favorite in the valley and most of the traditional food is cooked in it and that includes the local breakfast of fried pancakes which are served with honey and jam. Some of the other things that you must try are the mantou/mantu (dumplings) and the locally made muesli.

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is the historical reminder of the and was once the ruling seat of the Hunza Valley for some 700 years. While also a great exploring spot for history lovers, the fort also serves some of the best views of Karimabad and the Hunza Valley.

Attabad Lake-Boating

The Attabad lake is a majestic view and if you can find some time to add it in your itinerary, we promise that you won’t regret it. Surrounded by the rock faces of the Karakorum range, the lake is a stunning vibrant blue. There are boats that will take you for a 15-20 minutes trip around the lake and we highly recommend it.

Altit Fort

If you have somehow missed the boating at Attabad lake, make sure that you do not miss this! Altit Fort is the original structure that was built before the ruling seat was moved to Baltit Fort. Standing proud and tall, the fort offers an amazing view especially at sunset. You might want to choose between Altit and Baltit fort but we would recommend that you miss neither!

These are five things that you need to do if you are on a time restraint in Hunza and while the food of the Valley deserves a heavy mention of its own, we will let you be the judge of that. Don’t miss out an opportunity to visit the ‘heaven on earth’ and make your booking now!

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